Coronavirus Travel Accessories & Tips For Traveling During COVID-19

coronavirus has had a massive impact on the travel industry and there’s no denying that it’s gonna change the way we all travel possibly forever at the time of filming this video everything is continuing to change quite rapidly but countries are starting to lift their restrictions and people can start to think about travel again I’m Tom the founder of pack hacker your guide to smarter travel if you near the channel consider subscribing and ringing that Bell icon to get notifications in this video we’re gonna be taking a look at some products for travelling post corona virus and I’d like to mention that we are not medical professionals so please don’t take this as official medical advice we focused on air travel here but these same principles apply to other types of travel train boat or maybe a road trip and just to life in general it’s better to be prepared now more than ever and we’ll leave links down in the description below to all the products we mentioned in this video some of which we’ve fully reviewed over on the website and it includes the best buying options it helps support the channel at no additional cost to you let’s dive in [Music] at the time of filming this video wearing a mask is mandatory on a lot of airlines as well as the airports themselves it’s the new normal at least for the time being and masks may be here to stay some airlines may provide them but we would strongly recommend picking up your own a lot of companies that make packs are now making face masks as well topo designs mystery ranch cotopaxi and GORUCK just to name a few we’ve been testing a couple out from Tom bin and we’ve been impressed so far we like that these Tom bin masks either offer a twist tie or a metal clamp that you can form around your nose for a better fit the newer versions of these masks also offer some adjustability to them so you can tighten and loosen the ear loops and the neck loop as well and we found that these soft stretchy cloth is a lot more comfortable than stretchy elastic that you’d see on a standard n95 mask they even offer a larger version that is built to accommodate people with beards and be a little bit more comfortable there’s more room for your mouth within the mask and with Tom bin and a lot of other brands out there we’ve seen a lot of innovation on design patterns colors sizes you know ear loops so they go around your ears do they go around your neck there’s a lot of room for innovation here and I think masks are just gonna continue getting better now that they are in the public spotlight we prefer cloth masks because they are more robust reusable washable and ultimately more environmentally friendly than single-use throwaway masks not to mention a lot of those n95 masks we kind of want to reserve those for hospitals at least now when there is a bit of a supply crunch when using a mask we have had luck with washing our hands before putting the mask on before taking the mask off and then after taking it off as well so sanitizing and washing hands is a big part of wearing a mask safely and it’s easier said than done because a lot of it happens subconsciously but we try to not touch the front of our masks while we’re using them either we found that we store our mask inside of a ziploc bag or a stasher bag when not in and then it’s right there for us to clean at the end of the day if we want to keep everything sanitary and we have the opportunity to do so at the time of this video we have a list of brands making face masks over on Pak hacker comm so make sure to go check that out if you’re in a pinch you may be able to get away with wearing a buff however a dedicated face mask that’s secured over your ears covering your nose and mouth without any gaps has a better chance of making sure you’re good to go plus it’s comfy or two if you’re the type of person that likes borrowing a pen from the person sitting next to you for filling out those pesky customs forms it might be the time to pick up your own limiting your contact with other people and objects as much as possible is one of the best ways to mitigate and reduce the spread it’s also just a great idea to have a pen with you while traveling because they come in handy more often than not and they take up very little space and wait inside of your bag or luggage a pen that we’ve had a lot of success with is the Fisher backpackers space pen it’s a small and compact size so it’s easy to tuck away when not in use but when you need it you take out the cap and it extends the pen to be the shape of a normal-sized pen it even writes underwater which may sound gimmicky but the advantages you can really give this thing a deep clean with water and soap without worrying about it affecting the write ability we also want to mention that bellroy wallets typically come with a smaller pen in the middle as well so just a little small pen here if I pull it out it’s great to have this to fill out small travel documents and forms while you’re on the road a little bit less great if you’re doing hardcore journaling it’s not super comfortable to use but if you’re an infrequent user of a pen and you’ve been looking at a bellroy product anyways this could be a good opportunity to pick one up the travel folio and the travel wallet both come with small pens and they’re fully reviewed over at pact hacker comm if you want to learn more it’s important to stay hydrated while you’re traveling and buying water at the airport can be expensive not to mention wasteful when you consider all the plastic bottles used daily at an airport now is a better time than ever to do something that not only helps the environment but also your immediate personal health as well additionally and these uncertain times it may be harder to get a water bottle at the airport if some shops are closed or if you just want to avoid crowds of people we recommend bringing your own water bottle and filling it up at a fountain once you get through security when you bring your own you know exactly where your bottle has been and you know that it’s safe to use if you don’t already have a water bottle take a look at the 20 ounce hydro Flass widemouth bottle it’s about the biggest size standard water bottle we’d recommend for travel and due to the cylindrical shape it can hold 20 ounces which is a little bit more than the bottles that kind of taper off at the top and just generally it’s probably good to travel with more water just to have it when you want it the wide mouth is easy to clean on the go when you likely don’t have a bottle brush handy or a dishwasher to put it in and the standard lid instead of the one with the straw protects the drinking surface when not in use and it’s way less likely to spill it’s insulated as well so it keeps your cold drinks cold and your hot drinks hot pro tip pick up some iced coffee packets for caffeine on the go there may not always be a drink service on the flight or coffee shops may be closed or just have long lines so if you want a caffeine fix while you’re traveling it’s best to come prepared for example these Starbucks via instant mix are designed to taste like iced coffee when added to cold water and it’s going to be a lot easier to come by cold water at the airport through fountains versus hot piping boiling water just like in other videos will also mention the vape yer eclipse water bottle it packs down super small it rolls up when not in use and when you want to unroll it it basically just creates a water bag that you can drink out of so this is a solid bottle for travel even outside of anything else going on in the world make sure to check out our travel water bottle playlist over on Packer quick it’s our other YouTube channel we get into a lot of over there if you’re looking for one [Music] lots of places like airports have installed hand sanitizing stations however we found that it’s best to bring your own hand sanitizer especially if you don’t have access to a sink frequently where you can wash your hands with soap and water keeping your hands clean is one of the best ways to stay safe hand sanitizer has been notoriously hard to get a hold of lately at the time of this video the TSA is now allowing you to put up to 12 ounces through security in your carry-on luggage which is great so you have a little bit more allowance for more hand sanitizer but just to note they have to screen this separately so it may add additional time if you’re trying to hustle up through security to get to your boarding gate a nifty and innovative product we’ve been diggin is the orbit key hand sanitizer holder this can be filled up from a larger bottle of hand sanitizer that you already have at home it comes in three different styles retractor lanyard and clip the great thing about this is that the hand sanitizer is easily accessible at all times so instead of having it in your bag where you need to rummage through it with dirty hands and risk cross-contamination with your other gear the hand sanitizer is out in there when you need it and easy to grab better yet they are donating their profits to organizations fighting Cova 19 you can wear gloves if you’d like but they also get contaminated and contaminate anything you touch sticking to these CDC guidelines they recommend the best way to protect your hands when you’re out and about is to regularly wash them with soap and water for 20 seconds or use hand sanitizer with at least 60% alcohol we’ve also created our own sprayable hand sanitizer and put it into a 2 ounce amber glass bottle there are a ton of recipes out there online on how to create this mixture we’re not gonna go to in depth in this video we’ve talked about hero Clips quite a bit in the past especially when it comes to keeping your bag off of the grimy bathroom floor at the airport it’s a simple product and now more than ever it makes sense to utilize one so basically this looks like a standard carabiner clip and then there is a hook that kind of flips around this is great for hanging over the bathroom stall keeping your bag off the bathroom floor or you can put it on a table so if you’re sitting down at a restaurant or just any table at the airport you can keep your bag suspended off the floor with the rubber pad here on the flat surface of the table you can also use it just as a standard carabiner to hang something off your bag like an extra pair of shoes or a hat we’ve done a full review of rat pack hacker comm so make sure to check that out if you’re interested in learning more we think a smartphone is one of the best accessories to travel with post coronavirus if your airline allows it and most of them do especially here in the US you can digitally check in and have your boarding pass on the phone ready to go this vastly limits your interactions with other people and there is not a physical document to pass back and forth you’re usually just scanning it off of your mobile device with your own hands versus handing your phone to someone else make sure to download and sign in to the airline’s mobile app so you can be alerted if there are any changes and safety precautions or any updates about your flight you can also use your phone for contactless payments that way no credit cards or cash needs to change hands just a quick touch free scan of your phone and you’ve paid for your coffee or whatever else that you’re buying at the airport pro tip you can also use a SmartWatch for contactless payments as well and it’s right there on your wrist you don’t have to dig into your pockets or a rummage through your luggage with possibly contaminated hands so that adds a bit of a convenience factor as well watch apps aren’t as all-encompassing or reliable as smartphone apps quite yet but it is a great option to have and you can also just take a glance at notifications without touching anything it just creates a great opportunity to touch less stuff when it comes to cleaning your phone screen we found a combination of whoosh spray and a Nikon microfiber cloth to work really well together to really polish up electronic devices this woosh spray comes in a really small bottle that is easy to travel with and is of course TSA compliant it’s unclear as to how much woosh actually disinfect your devices as they seem to dodge it in their marketing copy and focus on other things brands like Apple recommend using a 70% isopropanol wipe or Clorox go wipes and these are the safest bets to helping sanitize your gear and not just clean the screen off and while airlines have introduced extensive new cleaning policies to disinfect Aircraft Interiors it’s probably still a good idea to carry around your own wipes if you can get ahold of them you can’t find any travel friendly sizes you can put some into a small pouch from something like the night eyes runoff series the pouch is waterproof and airtight which we can verify through extensive testing and the material is easy to clean inside and out if you want to learn more about cleaning specific types of gear we have a whole blog post over on the website on just that so we’ll drop a link in the description below if you’d like to learn more wearing glasses offers nowhere near the same amount of protection a PPE face shield does however when you wear them they cover the front of your eyes and can help prevent you from touching your face after all every little bit helps and it is a extra bit of protection that you can get without it being too intrusive if you wear glasses already great news you’re already covered if not you can wear sunglasses but all things considered that is not overly practical in an airport but it will work we’ve been interested in the benefits of blue light glasses for a while now we’re not really sure if they work or they don’t we haven’t extensively tested or researched but this sparked us to check them out a little bit more and they absolutely fit the bill of helping protect you from touching your face especially if you don’t already wear glasses so you’re not used to it and if they help with screen glare and I strain from electronic devices then that’s all the better we like this pair of Nash glasses from Felix gray they specialize in blue light glasses and you can also get them prescription as well I’ve also got my own pair of glasses from Warby Parker that I meant dinging they’re not blue light but you can get blue light lenses for them [Music] lots of airlines are only running limited food and beverage services on flights and there are a lot of clothes shops and restaurants at airports you may also not want to stand in line and be around a bunch of people so bringing your own food can help with this we all get hungry during travel so we recommend packing your own snacks if you want that real airline snack feel you can bring along pretzels or cookies we generally recommend avoid bringing peanuts because some travelers may have deadly peanut allergies which is why they’re not served on every flight when it comes to food containers we’d recommend taking a look at stasher bags which are easy to clean and they’re like reusable ziplock bags so they’re good for the environment as well we’ve also had great success with these go tubs they are rigid and hard so anything inside is not likely to get crushed they’re great for trail mix or dehydrated pieces of fruit things of that nature anyways there’s a ton of different food to travel with we would love to hear what your favorite travel snack is in the comments below so please let us know at the time of this video Emirates Airlines is limiting carry-ons and other airlines could also follow suit we’re advocates of carry-on travel and it’s basically what our whole youtube channel is about but if you need to check your bag when you get at the airport instructed by the airline it is great to have a small sling with you so you can have all of your in-flight essentials inside and ready to go having items like your phone passport wallet hand sanitizer and your headphones are great so you can just check in your carry-on after a little sleep and you’re good to go it’s also a great idea to pack a sling and use it on a flight anyways you can put everything that you’d have in your pockets in here so you can just fly through airport security a lot faster and you can just stick this in the front seat pocket in front of you so you don’t have to go up in the overhead compartment when you want to grab something staying in your seat and moving around the cabin as little as possible is recommended in these post coronavirus travel times a sling we’d recommend is the wander’d d1 fanny there are these large loops on the side here that’s good for hanging the sling up when not in use which we mentioned before is really important just keeping your stuff off of as many surfaces as possible and the material on the exterior is highly weather resistant which means it’s really easy to clean you could just spray it off with some of that sanitizer spray if you want to it’s a little bit easier and less porous than other fabrics on other slings so in this case we recommend it of course the size and carry and style of sling that’s a really big question what works for you so again I’d recommend checking out our sling bag guide over at Packer comm we go over a bunch of different slings the pros and cons the different types all that we will leave a link in the description below so there you have it our recommended products for post coronavirus travel as well as some tips and strategies to go along with them as always we would love to hear your tips in the comments below because remember some of the best tips come from you be pack hacker YouTube community thanks for keeping here a pack hacker your guide to smarter travel we’ll see in the next video

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