How risky is travel in the COVID-19 pandemic?

(soft pop music) – So the main concerns with transportation in COVID-19 is really getting a bunch of noses and mouths together, which is essentially how the virus is transmitted most efficiently.
So I would say it's medium risk, particularly in the ground transportation perspective. You could move it more towards lower medium by wearing a mask.
So flying is probably one of the riskiest things in terms of transportation, and that's because it's basically a metallic tube with a bunch of people inside.
We can about various aspects of that experience, but it is dependent on how long you travel for, obviously, the longer the flight is, the higher the risk is.
So taking an Uber or ride share app would be on the low risk, low to medium, more on the lower side if you take an individual Uber.
Carpooling, again, is probably on the lower side of the risk, so I would put that in low to medium again.
Medium is a carpool where you don't know the people, so it's not your bubble.
So that is a very low risk situation, you're in your car, you're in your element, you might have on your favorite playlist, you're feeling happy, you stop off for gas and as long as there's not a lot of mouths and noses around, which generally isn't the case even in a crowded gas station, usually people are in cars, so they're like by the nature of being in a vehicle they're spaced apart from you.
Las Vegas scares me. We've all seen pictures of people in Las Vegas sort of not wearing masks, they're all crowded together, usually the casinos are indoors. Culturally speaking, and I might be going out on a limb here, I'm not if that community has really embraced personal protection as something that's important.
That's the lowest risk, I know a lot of people are getting RVs now, I think, again, if you're with your bubble, it's gonna be great.
Source : Youtube