Types of People Who Work from Home


The flexibility of working from home is a boon for more people than ever. There are no stressful commutes, fewer interruptions, and often, less structured work hours. But if there is one pitfall with working from home, it is overworking and never truly switching off from thinking about work. There’s just not the same closure of walking out of the office every evening and segueing into your home life.
So how do you keep a balance between work and “you” time?

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I can see you, but I can & # 39. T hear you seaman. Are you on the Xbox? I’ll. Just call in there’s, a number right? Oh there, it is there, it is Hey. Yes yeah, yes, sir, I am pulling those numbers up for you right now.

Hey shut up will do talk to you soon, hey honey. They want me to work from home for right now. [, Music, ], I’ve, been training for this. My whole life [ Music, ], perfect, Oh 4:30, I’ll start tomorrow, uh-huh yeah yeah, absolutely.

Oh. That sounds great sure. Why don’t we circle back and touch base tomorrow. Yeah sounds great. All right talk either [ Music ]. Can you turn the TV down just a little bit? Why won’t this loan? Are you on the Wi-Fi you please get offered just a second hmm is that tuna fish nope nope can’t.

Do it you, you should really eat that in the break room I mean the kitchen uh-huh yeah, nextslide uh-huh. Oh, hang on get another call! Yes, and hopefully except I’m. Still watching, hey you still, there yep still got the presentation up.

You know how much I love powerpoints. I know the stakes are very high. I can assure you that I’m, the right man for the job. Well, that’s. What I like to hear, yes, sir, you can count on me. Bothering me with work stuff at 2:30 in the afternoon.

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