World Nomads: The Best Travel Insurance for Travelers (as Low as $12!)

CONFESSION TIME: I used to be the kind of person who NEVER bought travel insurance… and it was mainly because I deemed it as just an added unnecessary expense.

However, as I continued to travel the world, I’ve come to see the HUGE advantages of availing such a thing given the wide array of coverage not only limited to medical protection: missed flights, lost baggage, stolen belongings, sudden illnesses while traveling, accidents, and so much more. (For sure, I’ve also come to see how foolish I was for all the times that I didn’t have one on me.)

So yeah, some people (including the old me) really think that traveling on a budget includes NOT buying travel insurance but that is NOT true.

Your trip or vacation would definitely not be as cheap anymore once your expensive DSLR gets stolen, or once you get infected by a virus abroad or have your leg broken from an adventurous activity — trust me on this one: there simply are just too many things that can happen on the road and you have to protect yourself from that.

Remember: life is absolutely unpredictable and YOU are not invincible. Any thing CAN go wrong, more so when you’re traveling.

Remember: life is absolutely unpredictable and YOU are not invincible.
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That being said, it’s certainly an important expense (that you hope you never have to ‘use’). Besides, travel insurance has proved and will continue to prove its worth to travelers.

I know of someone who hurt their back while out in the wilderness and if it weren’t for his travel insurance, he would have spent tens of thousands of dollars for just the evacuation alone — imagine that!

So now comes the dizzying part: what’s the best travel insurance out there? 

I’ve tried various providers over the years but nothing — I repeat, nothing! — could beat World Nomads‘ benefits and coverage especially for a frequent traveler like me. It’s just so right for me!

Here’s why…

The Best Travel Insurance

» What is World Nomads?

World Nomads is designed for travel. Set up in 2002, it covers people from over 150 countries worldwide and is backed by secure, trusted and specialist underwriters / insurers who provide great cover, 24-hour emergency assistance, and the highest levels of support and claims management especially when you need it the most!

» Why do I love World Nomads as a travel insurance provider?

  • They cover every country worldwide!
    Cheapest Travel InsuranceWorld Nomads travel insurance lets you explore up to 196 independent countries in the world today — however, depending on the current situation in those places, the coverage may be limited (due to war, invasion, hostility, nuclear reaction, epidemics, etc.) Feel free to contact World Nomads to verify.
    NOTE: World Nomads’ policy cannot cover any expenses incurred within your country of permanent residence.
  • They provide a high coverage limit for medical expenses.
    As a standard, you should get travel insurance that can provide up to $100,000… and well, World Nomads provides up to $5,000,000 — and if you avail their Explorer package, you’ll acquire NO limits at all! (I don’t think it’s possible to ever need that large of an amount, BUT it’s always best to get a coverage that high).
  • They include other important coverage on their policy!
    Depending wether you avail their Standard (S) or Explorer (E) package, your policy will also include:
    – emergency medical transport, evacuation, repatriation and travel expenses (S + E)
    – pre-trip cancellation (S + E)
    – trip interruption (S + E)
    – resumption of trip (S + E)
    – travel delay (S + E)
    – missed flight connection (E)
    – hijacking (E)
    – special events (E ~ reasonable additional transport costs)
    – baggage and personal effects (S + E ~ theft, loss, damage, delay, etc.)
    – passport and other travel documents (S + E ~ theft and loss)
    – physical injury or property damage towards others (S + E)
    – insurance excess on rental vehicle (E)
    – personal accident (E ~ example: compensation/repayment of a loan in case you die, lose a limb etc.)
  • They are flexible in order to give you the BEST value for money on the cover you need!
    Depending on your needs, World Nomads gives you the most affordable price possible. First and foremost, you can avail travel insurance for as short as 2 days only and then up to 12 months. You can exclude travel in the USA too to make the price cheaper, or make the coverage for you alone, for you and your travel partner only, or for you and your whole family***.

    The lowest price you can get is $12 which covers a single person for 2 days, worldwide excluding USA and your place of permanent residence. 1 week can start at $33, and so on and so forth.

    ***Take note that there’s an age limit. If someone is between 67 and 70 years old, you can only buy a policy directly from World Nomads’ insurer, Bupa Global Travel.

  • They have a simple and understandable user-friendly platform, and it’s super easy to get a quote!
    Nowhere else can you find a website that is clearly laid-out and straight to the point. In fact, providing your info to them and getting a price quotation in return is ridiculously easy and fast, and you can even do so via the widget below:


  • You can buy and extend a policy anytime, anywhere — PERFECT for nomads and avid travelers!
    Had a change of plans? You can extend your current travel insurance with World Nomads from 2 days up to 12 months (maximum) — when that expires, you can extend again, and again, and again! The best part? You can extend your policy online, hassle-free, even while you are traveling! (Which is so unlike other holiday insurance providers who charge more for extensions while you’re on your trip!) So there’s really no need for you to go back to your home country, and you can even do it right in the comfort of your hotel abroad. And if in case you’re already traveling, you can also just buy a policy online anytime, no matter where you may be.

    You have to extend it before the policy end date in order for there to be no wait period; otherwise, you can just purchase a new one online. Take note that buying a new policy has a 3-day waiting period from the time you buy it and until it starts — rest assured, there’s coverage during this waiting period for sudden serious illness or injury due to an accident. All other full coverage begins after the wait period.


  • They have great cover for digital nomads (to insure expensive tech gear).
    As a digital nomad for over 3 years now, I have expensive stuff that I carry with me all the time: my MacBook, my DSLR + lenses, my smartphone, and so much more. That’s why it’s great that World Nomads’ provides additional coverage in exchange for a small premium (at most $20 per item) to insure your high-value items. Most travel insurance companies have a very small limit of up to $500, but with World Nomads, you can specify up to 10 high-value items to a maximum total value of USD $2,000 (one item listed must have a limit value of $1,000).
  • They have superb 24/7 customer service!
    I kid you not: World Nomads absolutely has great commitment to providing exceptional customer service not only via their website’s contact form but also even via their social media accounts. And for sure, should you ever be in an emergency situation, they can be reached 24/7 too!
  • They’re a company that gives back to charity.
    I LOVE to support companies that put great importance to social responsibility, so I was happy to know that World Nomads has been supporting several community development projects worldwide. They also invite their customers to help make a difference to those communities by giving us an option to donate micro values (at most $5) whenever they’re about to purchase a policy. (You can even choose among which projects they have that you would like to place your donation to!)
  • They are perfect for adventure-loving travelers!
    World Nomads
    I often like to do adrenaline-pumping activities like sky diving and paragliding, as well as milder acts like hiking, biking, yoga (yes, even yoga!), etc. So it helps that World Nomads has coverage for that in order to give us some peace of mind. To see a complete list of the activities supported by them, go here. (If in case the activity you want to do is not on this list, feel free to contact World Nomads to verify if it’s included or not — just to make sure).

» FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Is World Nomads valid for my Schengen Visa?
With my experience of applying for Schengen Visas, World Nomads is accepted as a travel insurance for visa applications. However, take my advice still with a gran of salt since it can still depend on the embassy located in your country. It’s always best to verify with the embassy, if not World Nomads themselves.

Am I covered for Zika virus? Or for any illnesses and accidents (earthquake, etc.) that may happen during my trip?
As long as you contract the illness and/or suffer the accident during the period of your insurance, then yes you will absolutely be covered. However, if you contracted the virus prior to your departure and you have to cancel your trip, the cancellation expenses that you have to pay for related to your trip will only be covered.

I speak another language, can I talk to World Nomad’s in my mother tongue?
The emergency assistance team of World Nomads are multi-lingual and are available  24/7. Whereas  the claims team can communicate in English and Danish — but the general customer service team can only speak English. Rest assured, they will try their best to assist you!
Phone:+45 70 23 24 61 (call is not toll free, but you can claim this cost later on)
Text message only: +45 42 41 30 00 (include your policy number)

What are the important things that I should know which are not covered by World Nomads?
Travel insurances don’t cover everything so it’s important to read the policy wording of your travel insurance. Thankfully, World Nomads covers a LOT. If ever in doubt, always contact World Nomads or check by their FAQ.

How can I make a claim?
You can make a claim online while travelling (or even after you return home) through your World Nomads membership. TIP: Make sure to gather all of the related receipts to your claim, or read the fine print on your policy.


It’s important to note that every coverage is different and you need to find the right one that suits you — hence, if you’re like me who travels a lot and who makes last-minute trip plans, but still wants a travel insurance that’s not only well-priced but also easy to purchase and extend, World Nomads would be the right choice for you!

And with that, let me tell you this again: travel insurance IS important. For your safety and convenience, never travel without this nor should you ever skimp out on this either because you would be absolutely grateful should there ever be a time that you would need to use it (but it’s my hope that you never do — keep safe out there!)


DISCLAIMER: World Nomads sponsored my travel insurance for 3 months and I had a great experience with them! Hence the reason why I’m promoting them now. Still and as always, all views that are expressed here represent only those made by myself and NOT of any other entity in their favor.

  • What do you think of World Nomads?
  • Would you like to try them out?
  • Or have you tried them before? How is it?

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