What is flexitarian? Why I believe in a flexitarian diet

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[Music] flexitarian is a little bit of a vague and confusing term but it basically
means mostly vegetarian pretty clear right now with the degree in nutrition you might think that I have evidence or
scientific studies to point to to back this up but in reality I started eating this way mostly because the further I
dove into nutrition the more confused I got vegan ketogenic Paleo they all seem to be grounded in something real but
they all contradict each other at the same time is very confusing it just makes the most sense to me that the
safest way to eat would be to eat as many fresh fruits and vegetables and unprocessed plants as you can got a
little bit of a distrust with the meat industry as well I just don’t feel comfortable with all the hormones and
antibiotics that they pump into the animals if we are what we eat then wouldn’t we be what animals are eating
today I’m not talking about this from the context of like weight loss or weight gain but you never hear anybody
going oh I got high cholesterol doctor says I need to cut back on the carrots so you might be wondering why I don’t
preach veganism then with my channel and that is for two reasons the first one being mental sanity not talking about
food for your brain I’m talking about if I don’t get to eat certain foods I’m not gonna be a very joyful happy person
being an angry bitter person is probably just gonna be counterproductive to your health you know second this one might be
a topic of debate a little bit but when I look at hardcore vegans I tend to see a lot of leaning on processed foods and
you replace cheese with soy based vegan cheese like products you start talking about something that has a lot of
processed angry and sometimes I’m not sure that that’s healthier for you than just eating
cheese so I still cook and eat with animal products but when I do I try to look through the lens of is this going
to enhance the dish and honestly the answer is not always yes I just think that if you can eat mostly plants most
of the time you’re probably gonna set yourself off to be a pretty healthy individual
so what you’ll find on my channel is recipes and meals that are constructed from a whole food perspective what you
won’t find on my channel is me saying things like here’s a cauliflower recipe that’s gonna taste exactly like chicken
vegetables can taste amazing and great on our own and I like finding creative ways to show you guys that because
that’s what I believe in from a dietary standpoint and that’s what I want to teach people and hey if you want to eat
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